Thursday, 29 December 2016

Trusted Technology for Gmail Email Forensic Investigations!

Email communication technology has tremendous outspread in both personal and business usage and these emails are being used as evidences carrying the information which have been shared between users comprise trails of the crime executed. In various cases right from an infidelity cases to business scams, emails have played vital role and has shown the hidden truths to strengthen the case investigation.

Despite of availability of various email platforms including Web Mails and Desktop Email Clients, Gmail is highly used and thus proficiency must be obtained in order to trace this email application mails and attain proper Gmail Email Investigations. Being a web-based email service it has all its data saved on the server which is advantageous as well as disadvantageous at some extent for investigators.

Earlier it was difficult to extract information from any email account but now many investigation tools are available which follow up such data extraction very well. Email examiner is one such e.g. which is probably an all-rounder software with multiple integrated utilities in single tool including Gmail forensic investigation application.

What Helps in Thorough Investigation?

Nowadays forensics investigation has become easier due to variety of software technologies available.  Forensics tools like FTK Imager, EnCase, etc. help to go through each and every email and trace out the evidences in them. Email examining software has some very advance options which make the investigation easy. For instance, keyword searching options helps to search the Gmail emails with specific words or phrases so that each and email need not to be manually read. Different views of emails like Hex view, MIME view, Properties View help to determine the technical properties of the email. IP addresses of the senders can be traced through such options which make it easy to plot the crime and reach the suspects. Once the sender IP address is traced, it is easy to find the route, geographic location, network provider, etc. And thus half of the work of investigation is almost done.

Gmail Email Infidelity in a Computer Forensics Investigation

In fact now the forensics tools have been modified to such a level that you can create a separate documentation of a case within these tools. Create Case, Delete Case, collaborate with other team members while handling a same case, review files, export files, bookmarking, etc. All these supporting features also help investigators to work as a team for crime cases.
There is no doubt that crimes are growing day by day, we come across many news flashing about cyber crimes, business scams, etc. but the technology has paced with this speed too and has developed many cutting-edge tools to get the underneath evidences. Email examining software is amongst these which have made the Gmail Forensics investigation faster.


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